The Story

I can’t remember when I first came up with the idea of a story in which the boundaries between the physical and virtual world become permeable. It must have been a long time ago. Such concepts are pretty obvious when you develop games professionally.

It took me much longer to realize that theatre – to be more precise: music theatre – would be the right art form for such a story. It doesn’t work as a game because as an art form Videogames are lacking the physical world. And no other art form combines the audiovisual and physical with the playful, the open and the virtual as much as music theatre.

And then I asked Stefan and sent him the lyrics of Bullet Time, which in 30 minutes he turned into the song it basically still is today. And so the story of Nick and Lana and the Virtual Mirror began to develop. And when my old friend Mark joined us, it quickly became clear that the story we wanted to tell was the story of Romeo and Juliet in the virtual world.

Including all the madness that is characteristic of our dealings with this New World.

Wolfgang Walk

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