The Project

“The Virtual Mirror” is a breathtaking, colourful stage experience: a wild, dramatic rock opera about love, greed, hatred, betrayal and surprising solidarity, a ride through the virtual world of a computer game that has come to life.

The music ranges from the tenderest indie rock ballad to symphonic rock a la Nightwish to blast-beat metal in the style of bands like Slayer and creates a rousing emotional sound world. The script tells a timeless love story from the postmodern perspective of the PC, video game, social network generation below fifty.

The journey through the mirror promises and delivers innovative stage concepts off the beaten track of musical expectations and choreographies by bringing the traditions, technologies and unique perspectives of the computer game to the stage.

“The Virtual Mirror” is an artistic, philosophical, sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious homage to the crossing of the border between virtual and real world – and to the computer game as an art form. It plays joyfully with the clichés, destroys or overdraws them until it becomes clear: the boundaries between these worlds no longer exist in reality.

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