The Plot

Hunting through a level of his upcoming video game hit, the game’s hero, Nick Vincible, opens the wrong door – and finds himself in his publisher’s marketing department. There he meets marketing assistant Lana Jung – and they fall in love.

This passage – an otherwise unsuspicious, narrow mirror cabinet – is part of a plot by lead coder Heph “A.I.” Stoss to take over the company “Nameless Games”. His boss, the CEO of Nameless Games, Christopher Ash, falls for Heph and smells a big business opportunity. To lure Lana into the virtual world, he lets Heph create a monster invincible to Nick alone. As Lana rushes to help her lover, Ash locks the door. Lana is trapped in the virtual world.

The game, in which a well-marketed real person can now be saved, becomes a huge hit in the real world, while Ash fights his daughter Venus, who has joined forces with Heph, for control of the company. But then Lana steps through The Door With No Code Behind: a black hole in the game’s data-driven world. And in a desperate attempt to get her back from there, Nick is assassinated.

Anyone who knows computer games knows that death in them can be a very negotiable matter. Thus an evil game of smoke and mirrors unfolds between virtual and real world, a mirror battle in the literal sense for money and power and the love of our heroes. In the end, reality is not what it seems, and truth is not just reality.


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