The Characters

Main Characters

Lana Jung 
Marketing Assistant at Nameless Games.  Boss’s former lover.  A bit of a Goth, with long hair and blood-red lipstick.  A follower, and not happy about it.

Heph “A.I.” Stoss
Lead Programmer at Nameless Games, and on a good day Venus’s lover.  The best coder in the world.  Misogynist, vandal, nihilist.  The devil as nerd.

Nick Vincible 
Hero’s hero of Nameless Games’ six top-selling sequels.  Finder of paths, guardian of V-City.  He’s tough and he’s bored.

Christopher Ash
CEO of Nameless Games and Lana’s ex-lover. Father of Venus. He wanted to be rich and he succeeded. He barely remembers why for both.

Venus Ash
Daughter of Cristopher Ash, material girl and handbag collector.  Either clever in a very stupid way or stupid in a very clever way.  Heph’s lover, when Heph’s lucky.

Dr. Violence  
Arch villain of V-City and Nick’s former lover.  She’s still got it bad for Nick, in a stalker kind of way.

Side Characters

One of Nick’s in-game girlfriends. Looks like Venus – with computer game breasts. (Played by same actress.)

He has no name, but he has a function. The Individualist who most sidekicks are – from a very dialectical perspective: differs through wanton submission. Looks and moves and sounds like a Kraftwerk robot.

Ash’s personal attorney.  THE ASSISTANT, only with a human gait and yellow tie. (Played by same actor.)

The Behemoth 
Toxic masculinity turned into a boss monster.

Monster foreman turned into a freedom fighter.

Edie and Tina
Female monsters in Willy’s crew. Victims of gender pay gaps…

Matt and Jeff
Male monsters in Willy’s crew.

Main Press Guy
That guy who will always ask the first pointless question in a press conference.

Gay Press Guy
The only member of the press with any integrity, because he’s incorruptable by The Prom.

The Prom
Fully named “The Prom of the Promising Promiscuous Promos”. Three booth-babe promo girls, willing to hold their noses if there’s some dough to earn. They still have opinions.

15-year-old son of Ash’s secretary, Janis.  The only person in the entire piece who really cares about games.

Ash’s secretary and Josh’s mom.

The voice of the game.

Coders, press, party guests, monsters, workers, security.