6 – Bullet Time

Bullet Time
Walk/Wurz Bullet Time

Much later in our story, Lana must hide from monsters – and this by stepping through the “Door With No Code Behind” – a place of absolute void in the virtual world. Surprisingly, however, and unlike all other beings in the virtual world, a human being can exist quite well without code.

Nick can’t even imagine such a possibility. So when he learns of Lana’s alleged death, he loses his will to live. He voluntarily catches a deadly bullet the very moment Lana returns. In turn, desperate about Nick’s death, Lana shoots herself.

For those hoping for a happy ending: Of course, that always depends on where you end your story. And we still have an act and a half to tell…

The lines by Dr. Violence have been added later and are not on the recording. We also shortened the end for the recording.

(For non-gamers: Bullet Time is a game mechanic used in some shooters, in which time perception is set to super slow motion for a short moment. This allows you to observe bullets in their course.)

Excerpt from Script(Engl.)

Bullet Time