The Libretto

The libretto tells a classic Boy meets Girl from distant World story (Romeo & Juliet, West Side Story) and accompanies the two heroes to an end that can only be happy in this inherently humorous, always exuberant comedy setting. However, the frequent comic relief also allows very dark passages, which the script does not want to spare the viewer.

Lyrics and plot are dominated by the aesthetics of games, allude to concrete games without naming them, take up narrative clichés and game mechanics to break them down with relish, and use the impossible physics of computer games for surprising twists and comedy. For connoisseurs they offer an almost endless voyage of discovery of references, for laymen a surprising and completely new way of looking at the real or better: the physical world.

Classic love ballads are enriched by technical terms from graphic production (“Textured by a life of feeling/Modelled from a thousand stories never told”), or the hero complains about his lack of character depth with an outdated rendering technique as a metaphor: “I’m a flat-shaded droid”.

In the end, virtual and real world would have a lot to share with each other if one were willing to learn – but that goes largely wrong on both sides, as usual.

But not quite: A few of the not so usual suspects come out of the matter quite decently.

Take the time to read the complete libretto:

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